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Fix Your Running Toilet

Are you dealing with a running toilet? Have you recently received an expensive water bill? If the answer to these questions is yes, continue reading this blog. In this blog we are going to walk you through the main reasons why your toilet is running. Below are the steps to fix your running toilet.

Step 1: Turn off the toilet shut off valve

Step 2: Take the tank lid off the toilet

Step 3: Flush your toilet, your tank should not fill if you closed the valve properly

Step 4: Use a sponge or paper towel and remove any excess water

Now that you have no water in your toilet you can start troubleshooting. In most cases a running toilet is due to either a malfunctioning flapper or the fill-valve.

Troubleshoot your flapper

Step 5: Check the flapper rim to make sure there are no knicks and that it lays flat against the opening. If the rubber flapper is damaged, warped or not laying flat remove the flapper. If the flapper looks fine you can also use a paper towel to wipe down the flapper and clean it of any debris.

Step 6: Most flappers are easily interchangeable. Unhook the flapper, take your flapper to Home Depot or your plumbing supply store and get a replacement and reconnect.

Step 7: Turn on the water valve, fill the tank and test.

If you determined that the running toilet is not caused by the flapper then in most cases the cause is the fill-valve. A plumber may troubleshoot a fill-valve, they can check the float level, the diaphragm valve and clean and debris however this is a more difficult fix/DIY project. If you have determined that your fill-valve is the issue and the toilet is older than 5 years I suggest replacing it. The cost of a fill-valve is between 15$ and 50$, it is not that expensive to replace and it is not that difficult to do.

Replace your fill-valve

Step 8: Disconnect the braided supply line from the tank ( your water should be off and toilet drained before disconnecting)

Step 9: Take a crescent wrench or pliers and remove the nut from the bottom of the toilet tank.

Step 10: Remove the fill-valve and replace it with the same fill-valve type.

Step 11: Re-connect the nut with crescent wrench or pliers (be careful not to over tighten this is a plastic nut) Re-connect the supply line to the fill-valve.

Step 12: Adjust the float to the same height of the previous fill-valve

Step 13: Reconnect the water fill tube

Step 14: Turn on valve inspect for any leaks

These are the two most common issues for a running toilet, if you follow these steps 95% of the time you will fix your running toilet. If you are not a "Do It Yourselfer" or you are not that handy give us a call. From Stouffville to Uxbridge, Markham to Richmond Hill or anywhere else in the Greater Toronto Area give us a call or text and we will fix your running toilet.

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