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Backflow Testing

Backflow Testing  - How to Guide

Have you received a letter from the Toronto, Oshawa, Newmarket or another municipalty asking for you to complete your yearly Backflow test, here is what you need to know?

What is a Backflow Test?

A Backflow Test is an annual test that most municipalities accross Ontario require to be completed annualy.  Property owners are required to have backflow devices  tested by a qualified and certified plumber.  A backflow test ensures that the backflow device is working as designed which prevents dirty water from infiltrating the municipal drinking water supply.

Who can Test Backflow Devices

The City of Markham, Toronto and other municipalities requires that OWWA Accredited Cross Connection Control Specialists are the only people qualified to perform backflow testing and cross-connection surveys in Ontario. The OWWA Cross Connection Control Committee establishes and maintains the training program for testers. Individual municipalities may have a registration program for testers.

If you need a backflow test, repair or other service contact us today for a quote. 

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