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Questions about backflow valves and requirements, check out our FAQ's.

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Our team specializes in installing, repairing and testing Backflow Valves.

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Markham Backflow & Mechanical is a full service commercial, industrial plumbing services company that specializes in installation, testing, and maintenance of backflow devices, backwater valves, and equipment.

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Our team specializes in installing, repairing, and testing backflow devices in Markham and across the Greater Toronto Area. Schedule your backflow test today or contact us for a free quote.

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Learn more about Backflow Prevention, Installations, Guidelines and other details. 

Did you Recieve a Backflow Letter?

The City of Markham, Toronto, and many other municipalities are sending letters to business owners to complete a cross-connection survey report and or a backflow prevention test.  If you are not familiar with a cross-connection survey report click on the link below to read Markham Backflow's cross-connection survey how-to guide or call us today to speak with one of our licensed qualified plumbers.  

Markham Backflow's Cross-Connection Survey How-To Guide.

Expert Backflow Testing

Testing a backflow valve and other equipment is no trivial process.  Property owners can rely on Markham Backflow.  We guarantee a licensed plumber will complete your annual backflow device test that is certified by the Ontario Water Works Association.  Our team takes care of the whole process including completing documentation and submitting reports to your municipal backflow prevention administrator. We provide electronic copies of the backflow test and keep a copy for retention purposes should you ever require a copy in the future.

Backflow Prevention Installations

The Markham Backflow team has the years of service and experience installing and repairing backflow devices in the Toronto, Markham and surrounding areas.  The Markham Backflow team will ensure a proper installation based on your required needs. Prior to any work we provide a detailed estimate for your approval. Our work is guaranteed and will comply with all local requirements and plumbing codes.

Markham & Toronto Plumbing – Your Reliable Plumbing Experts

Finding a reliable plumbing contractor in Markham and Toronto area can be challenging. It is difficult to find the right business that offers all of the services that you are looking for.  Markham Backflow Plumbing and Mechanical is your best choice for local plumbing, with great rates and top service our team is ready to help. Are you are tired of paying too much for poor quality plumbing service, call us today.

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Markham Backflow's Guarantee

Markham Backflow’s expert licensed plumbers provide the highest professional service at reasonable prices.  Markham Backflow is the preferred plumbing repair company of choice that guarantees superior service and workmanship.

Choose Markham Backflow Plumbing & Mechanical and you will see that our plumbers go the extra mile to earn your trust and satisfaction.  Selecting the right plumbing contractor doesn’t seem that important until things go wrong; when they do you need to rely on a professional licensed and insured plumbing company, Markham Backflow Plumbing and Mechanical fits the bill.

The second you call us, our team of licensed plumbers will get to work to assess the problem and resolve the issues, paying attention to every detail.   Our commitment to our clients makes us the right choice for all your plumbing needs.

Quality Plumbing Services

Markham Backflow Plumbing & Mechanical is the right choice for your plumbing installations and services. Our licensed plumbers don’t just fix plumbing problems, we provide preventative service to help you avoid costly mistakes.  Our team will provide the information you need to ensure that you avoid issues that could lead to costly plumbing repairs in the future.


Whether you need a backflow install, backflow test, mechanical plumbing, or general maintenance or repairs call the professionals, call Markham Backflow today!
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