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The Region of Durham Survey Process Starts October 1, 2019

On October 1st 2019, the region will begin sending all properties owners notification of the backlow survey requirements. Surveys must be completed and submitted online at within 90 days of receiving this notice.

Based on the results of the survey, property owners may receive additional notification from Durham Region. Properties identified as moderate or severe hazards will be required to install, repair or maintain a backflow prevention device and test it on an annual basis.

A copy of the by-law and backflow prevention program information can be found online at

Contact Your Backflow Specialists

Markham Backflow and Mechanical specializes in surveys, installations, repairing, and testing backflow devices. Our mechanics are licensed plumbers with full O.W.W.A. certifications. Our company is also registered with Durham Regions backflow program. We can implement all of your backflow needs from obtaining the permits, installation, conducting the necessary inspections and completing the paperwork to satisfy the appropriate municipality by-laws.

For more information or a free quote for our services call or text us today 416 809 5959.

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