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Newmarket's Backflow Prevention Program

Like many other municipalities Newmarket is the latest to implement a backflow prevention program. Newmarket’s water customers will be confident of all the steps that are being taken to guarantee that their drinking water supply continues to be clean and safe.

The Town of Newmarket is legally accountable under the Safe Drinking Water Act to do its due diligence. The installation of backflow preventers is required under Section 7 of the Ontario Building Code. The implementation of this backflow prevention program is not only a requirement but a recommended best practice.

The new backflow prevention program will help the Town of Newmarket to protect human health and drinking water quality, manage risks, maintain system security and achieve regulatory compliance. The program will involve a new By-Law and standard operating procedures that also require certain members of the community to take action.

Building Owners Please Be Advised:

Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and multi residential property owners are required to:

  1. Conduct a cross connection survey of the water systems to assess risk of contamination and send the Town the results by no later than October 31, 2019 and every five years after that.

  2. Install backflow prevention devices at each property by Spring of 2020

  3. Test backflow prevention devices and file test reports with the Town annually beginning in Spring 2020

Qualified Licensed Plumbers

In order to be compliant with Newmarket's backflow prevention program the competition of a cross connection survey, installation of a backflow prevention device(s) and annual testing of said devices needs to be completed by a qualified licensed plumber that is also certified by the Ontario Water Works Association (O.W.W.A). Additionally the company needs to be registered with the Town of Newmarket.

Markham Backflow’s plumbers are licensed, insured and certified by the Ontario Water Works Association. Our team specializes in installing, testing, repairing backflow prevention valves and systems. Our team is registered with the Town of Newmarket, Markham and all other municipalities within the Greater Toronto Area. Our qualified team of plumbers can conduct and complete cross connection surveys and testing.

Call, email or text us today for a quote.

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