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Durham Regional Council Passes Backflow Prevention by-law

On June 13th, 2018 the Durham Regional Council passed a Backflow Prevention by-law number 24-2018, to implement a backflow prevention program that will add to Durham Region’s multi-barrier approach to safe drinking water. This by-law requires that a backflow preventer for premise isolation is installed, tested and maintained annually on all water services that could pose a hazard to the municipal drinking water system. Durham business/property owners are now receiving letters regarding this program with details and requirements, this blog is here to help you and provide more details and assistance.

What is a Backflow?

Durham Region’s municipal drinking water system is meant to flow in one direction ensuring safe water to all. A backflow is an undesired reversal of flow from a building or facility back into the drinking water system that is caused by either back siphonage or back pressure.

What is Back Siphonage?

Back siphonage occurs when there is a partial vacuum in the domestic water system. This can occur when a large amount of water is used for example a water main break/leak or firefighting activities. A vacuum may draw contaminated water back into the drinking water system.

What is Back Pressure?

Back pressure occurs when there is a connection to a non-potable water supply operating at a higher pressure than the drinking water system. Back pressure can be created by booster pumps, temperature increases in boilers or elevated piping. This increased pressure may push contaminated water back into the drinking water system.

Why Backflow Prevention is Important?

If water backflows into the city water supply there is a potential to contaminate the water in the distribution system, which can cause implications for human health and safety. Canada has a history of backflow incidents highlighting the importance of backflow prevention programs.

Contact Your Backflow Specialists

Markham Backflow and Mechanical specializes in installing, repairing, and testing backflow devices and other mechanical devices and systems. Our mechanics are licensed plumbers with full O.W.W.A. certifications. Our company is also registered with most municipalities’ backflow program sites. We can implement all of your backflow needs from obtaining the permits, installation, conducting the necessary inspections and completing the paperwork to satisfy the appropriate municipality by-laws.

For more information or a free quote for our services call or text us today 416 809 5959.

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