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Backflow 101 – How often should backflow valves be tested?

Updated: Apr 5, 2018

How Often Do Backflow Valves Need To Be Tested?

This past year Markham-based companies received notices from the City of Markham informing them of their requirement to install or test and maintain their existing backflow valves at their place of business.


When a backflow occurs contaminants may enter the City’s water supply. These contaminants can cause serious health issues and could even possibly lead to death. Property owners and businesses need to ensure they are compliant so as not to be found criminally negligent which may lead to serious fines and possible jail time.

Those non-compliant property owners will receive Markham's Order to Comply notices. Property owners/businesses who fail to comply with the order will be charged with the “Backflow Prevention Compliance Processing Fee”. In addition, necessary legal actions will be taken on those property owners.

Most companies have complied and met the City’s requirements, realizing that failure to comply would impact their business. However, for property owners it doesn’t stop with installation or initial test. Once your backflow device(s) are installed and tested, the property owner/business is still obligated to have their backflow valve(s) maintained and tested annually by a certified Licensed Plumber with O.W.W.A. Certification. By not complying with this annual maintenance owners are still at risk!

Who Is Qualified To Test Your Backflow Valves?

Compare it to renewing your auto insurance policy. Your policy needs to be renewed annually in order for you to receive the protection defined within the agreement. The same is true for your backflow requirements. Having your devices tested annually will protect property owners from being charged fees, being non-compliant and potentially legal fees.

Our team will schedule and send you reminders of your backflow tests and requirements. We will submit and maintain your electronic documentation. Our certified Licensed Plumbers with O.W.W.A. Certification can help you comply with the city’s backflow requirements and bylaws.

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