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Are You Hiring the Wrong Plumber?

With over 30 years of plumbing experience you see a lot of things. Some good, some bad and a lot of ugly. People will almost do anything to save a few dollars that said it may cost them in the long run. There are a lot of “so called” plumbers out there the guy that installed a few toilets or finished his buddy’s basement, like I said “so called” plumbers. The truth is these guys are not professionals, not licensed and certainly not insured.

Following the Plumbing Code

If you have participated in a home renovation you have probably heard is it up to code. This term is interchanged between many different professionals from plumbers to electricians, heating and air and so on. Some feel that plumbing codes are just a set of guidelines or best practices that should be loosely followed. Others may think that these codes are designed by the municipal officials who have nothing better to do. These thoughts are wrong! It is in fact extremely important that plumbing codes are followed carefully to guarantee that the work is of good quality and that your family remains safe and healthy.

Plumbing Venting

Markham Backflow has seen our share of plumbing code violations. One that we typically come across is incorrect venting. Venting lets air into the drains so that fluids flow well and traps are not sucked dry by the vacuum action of rushing wastewater. Properly vented pipes also prevent dangerous sewer gases from entering the home. What is the risk? Plumbing that is not vented to code can expose you and your family to dangerous gases such as methane gas which could lead to sickness or even death.

Backflow Installs and Testing – Follow the Plumbing Code

As a backflow and mechanical company we have also seen a lot of backflows installed with code violations. A common occurrence is cross connection. A cross connection is a connection between a potable water system and any source of pollution or contamination, such as a boiler system. Just installing a backflow valve does not make you compliant with your municipality. Backflow valves and equipment need to ensure that there is no risk of a cross connection, backpressure, or other system. Incorrectly installing a backflow valve can leave property owners liable for damages caused by failure.

Markham Backflow – Plumbers You Can Trust

Markham Backflow is the Mechanical division of Van Horne Plumbing. We are a fully licensed and insured family business with over 30 years of plumbing experience servicing the Greater Toronto Area. Our goal has been to build a family oriented company that is honest and dependable. We have the highest expectations of ourselves and our employees. We offer competitive pricing, quality craftsmanship, and timely completion on every project.

Our team specializes in installing, repairing, and testing backflow devices and other mechanical devices and systems. Our mechanics are licensed plumbers with full O.W.W.A. certifications. Our company is also registered with most municipalities’ backflow program sites. We can implement all of your backflow needs from obtaining the permits, installation, conducting the necessary inspections and completing the paperwork to satisfy the appropriate municipality by-laws.

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