What is a Backwater Valve?


A backwater valve is a backflow prevention device used to prevent outbound water from a sewer line from re-entering into a home. The valve contains a flap that allows water to exit the home, but closes to prevent the backflow into the home which will stop water damage.


Why install a Backwater Valve?


When a sewer line backs up into your home it can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home and more importantly it can cause health issues for your household. You can prevent sewage from backing up into your home by having a backwater valve professionally installed. 

"Sanitary sewage is generated by the use of toilets, sinks, drains and other home water uses. Because this type of sewage contains a high degree of contaminants and can pose a significant risk to human health and the environment, it requires treatment at sewage treatment facilities before it is released back into the environment."

Source: The Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction

Are Backwater Valve installations expensive?


Many municipalities offer subsidies that reduce the cost of the installation of your Backwater Valve.  Also having a professionally installed backwater valve may reduce your home insurance premiums.