Backflow Prevention - Tesing & Installations

Backflow Testing 

Markham Backflow guarantees a licensed plumber with full O.W.W.A. certification will complete your annual backflow device test.  All reports are completed and submitted on your behalf to your local backflow prevention administrator. Copies of the backflow test are provided and electronically stored, should you ever require another copy in the future.

Backflow Prevention Install 

Markham Backflow has years of service and installation experience installing and repairing backflow devices in the Toronto, Markham and surrounding areas.  The Markham Backflow team will ensure a proper installation based on your required needs. Prior to any work, we provide a detailed estimate for your approval. Our work is guaranteed and will comply with all local requirements and plumbing codes.  

Backflow Prevention Program | Toronto | Markham

The Ontario Ministry in conjunction with the Safe Drinking Water Act has implemented safeguards and regulations in order to protect the municipal water supply from contamination. These water supply bylaws include details regarding the installation and testing of backflow devices. Backflow Prevention Programs help to identify cross connections and removing or isolating them (which is called backflow prevention) within a building or facilities of water customers



Backflow Device Building Permits

Many property owners and managers are not familiar with Toronto’s Markham’s and other municipal regions backflow prevention programs. Our team at Markham Backflow will help you acquire the required building permits for your backflow prevention devices.​